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RightNow Media is similar to Netflix but is a non-profit organization that desires to provide solid, Biblically-based video resources to churches and their congregations via the internet. Currently there are over 8000 Bible Studies to watch with gifted Bible teachers as well as over 90 kids channels. There are also topical studies to be used with your Life Group on marriage, finances, parenting and many more. And the best part is, it's FREE

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RightNow Media FAQ's

How does RightNow Media work?

The videos on RightNow Media are classified into different “channels”, such as Adult Small Groups, Children’s, College and Singles, Evangelism, Men, Parenting, Recovery, Women, Youth etc. Just like at a library, browse the selections and make your choice by clicking on the title. You will see a list of the video sessions (like chapters in a book) in that particular title and the length of each. Click on the sessions you want to view, and the video will begin.

How do I get started with RightNow Media?

Respond to your email invitation and create your own personal account on their website.

I didn’t receive or can’t find my email invitation. Can I still participate?

Yes, we want you to have access to this amazing resource. First, check the Spam section of your email account. If you don’t find the email invitation, please contact the New Harvest Church Office (559-797-7000) or michelpouliot@nhclife.org. We’ll be glad to send an email invitation to you.

Is my family limited to one account?

No. In fact, each household family member that is old enough to have their own e-mail is encouraged to have their own account. Kids should only access the internet with adult supervision and can enjoy the special “just for kids” section at RightNow Media through their parent’s account.

I thought this resource was free. Why does the website talk about a subscription cost?

As a gift to the congregation, NHC has committed to pay for a year’s subscription cost. You will never see a bill or be asked for credit card information unless you choose to purchase leader manuals or student books that accompany some of the Bible studies. These options appear as links next to the videos, but you will not be charged for the videos!

Can I share this resource with others?

All members and attendees of New Harvest Church are welcome to participate in RightNow Media under the church’s subscription. In addition, you are welcome to share the resource with anyone with whom you are actively witnessing to or discipling.

What internet devices work with RightNow Media?

RightNow Media works with these types of digital devices: computers, tablets, smart phones, Apple TV, Roku, and Smart TV. Your device must be able to connect to the internet. A slow internet connection will affect the quality of the video. In addition, for best quality, RightNow Media recommends use of these internet browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

How do I get help with RightNow Media?

RightNow Media offers Support (https://support.rightnow.org/home) on their website through the use of FAQs. The majority of questions will be addressed through these questions. In addition, they provide support via phone (972-560-4000) on weekdays according to this schedule: Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am – 6:00 pm Friday from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

In addition, you can contact Michael Pouliot (559-213-6733 or michaelpouliot@nhclife.org) with questions and/or concerns regarding RightNow Media.