Child Care Center

The New Harvest Child Care Center has a strong commitment to accessibility and diversity. Its open door policy embraces all who desire a faith-based environment, better quality of care, kindergarten readiness, and preparedness for a Christ-centered life. New Harvest Child Care Center works to provide affordable, first-class care giving and education by providing a broad range of integrated programs and services combined with innovative faith-based learning approaches.

Our Mission

The purpose of the Child Care Center is aligned with the mission of New Harvest Church by giving children and parents the knowledge and support they need in order to “Make disciples of Jesus who make disciples.” The mission of the Child Care Center also aligns with New Harvest Church's core values of reaching those who don’t know about Jesus and equipping those who already know Him. This ministry is a mission that “reaches” across the street and across the city. The vision of the Child Care Center is to become a place of community for many families. A goal of the Child Care Center is to promote, support, and encourage healthy family relationships by offering a safe environment for families in crisis or in need.  The Child Care Center provides families with support or counseling from staff, including the pastoral staff of New Harvest Church.

New Harvest Child Care Center is a comprehensive faith-based child care center for children from infancy to six years of age. It is dedicated to ensuring top-rated care giving services coupled with a high-quality activity based learning environment, tailored for children in these age groups. The Child Care Center responds to the needs of its parents and students with excellent care-giving, instruction, faith-based curriculum and flexible programs.


At New Harvest Child Care Center, every day is an opportunity to enrich and scaffold your child’s learning opportunities. At New Harvest, we don’t want children to stay in the lines; we encourage them to create the lines.

NHCCC uses the Creative Curriculum and the Project Approach as guides for planning the curriculum in each classroom. Curriculum at NHCCC includes child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. The experiences offer daily support and enrich physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.    

FAITH-BASED CURRICULUM                                                                                                                                                                            

The New Harvest Child Care Center uses Orange as the Faith-Based Curriculum. Orange incites wonder in the heart of each preschooler. Children ages 2-5 meet for chapel twice a week and faith is incorporated daily to enrich the curriculum in the classroom. By the time each child is five years old, we strive for them to know three basic truths: God made me, God loves me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever.